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You make a point that there is no association fee, but there are Association Rules? (noted in zoning) What is the complete association zoning rules list?

  • See summaries on SLID & SLHOA

What is the current "spec list" as far as appliances, faucets, etc?

  • Each home will come with ‘builder allowances’ for bathrooms, kitchens & fixtures.  We are 2 wks from having those #s in hand but are building high end homes….so they’ll be reasonable for nice finishes that Tab & Linda would like/expect.  

What do you expect costs to be final ready for move in?  

  • As packaged the price will be as listed.   If the buyer wants to customize and install a Trevi Fountain in the foyer, np, but at their incremental cost.

What is the cost of deposit to start the ownership process?

  • 30% upon signing of contract.

The lots or exactly .5 acre so I assume the land and home will be purchased.... it isn't land lease or contract.

  • No land lease, these are 1/2 acre lots being sold with single family residences on them.

Can homes the purchased by "groups" as a timeshare?

  • See #4, there is no “Time Share” transaction here.   However, if they want to purchase with an LLC or similar and organize a private ownership group, that is the buyer’s prerogative.

Is there an upkeep rule? Is this something the property management company will do for each lots as a "fee" and is that required?

  • Yes - all of the 7500 lots in the development are held to the upkeep rules.  Details below.

What/Where will be around this parcel of land? You mentioned condos, etc of similar cost. Would it be fair to say what you are offering are nicer for similar costs? 

  • Yes - we are w/in $2/sqft to the 3 bedroom condos being sold 1 mile farther away.    As for ’neighbors’… is an aerial view of our land.  We are the red area below sharing a property line with the Airport Authority to the north (who also owns the race track land and leases it to NASCAR to operate the track on).

Race Villas Sebring
Race Villas Sebring
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